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Catering for Cyclists of All Abilities! e-Bikes welcome!!!!

At Matamata Peddlers' Cycling Club we have members varying in age and ability, who enjoy cycling with friendly people for leisure, pleasure, fitness and the challenge. We have pre-planned rides at different levels and distances, from fast, through to those who want to ease into cycling. Importantly, these are organised to try to get all riders finished and back to a cafe for a catch-up at about the same time, but at different levels of sweaty, from a light sheen (Group 4), to full on hairy Greek wrestler (Group 1).

Formed in 2005 the club is now in its 18th year of fun, social, healthy, cycling-related activities. This includes weekly rides on Wednesdays and Sundays, family fun events and support for members participating in national events such as the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge.

If you are just getting into cycling, or would like to, come along and learn how to ride safely in groups. You'll soon learn to love having someone in front of you breaking wind (for want of a better term). I can highly recommend Kev in this regard.

Challenge yourself! Come and join us this Sunday!

Click here for some cycling safety tips.

You'll always have a mate to ride with at Peddlers - no-one gets left to ride alone (or in Latin, no-onus uni-cyclus).

Join Us - Our new season started 1st June!

Our annual club subs are a super low $25 for new members, or just $40 for a new family membership! Existing members pay $50 per person or $80 per family. For less than $1 a week you'll get a guarantee of great company, organised rides, subsidised gear and Club events like after-ride BBQs, family days and support for riders tackling events such as Taupo! Where else can you get all that for a dollar!!!???

Come along and try us on for size! You are welcome to join our group rides as a visitor for a short time (e.g 3 rides).

If you decide that Peddlers spins your wheels (sorry) and want to ride with us regularly, we encourage you to complete a membership form and officially join our friendly little club.

Click here to download the membership application form.

Let us help you get in shape for summer!!! Recommended by former presidents!

As Donald Trump is now unemployed, we asked him to write our blurb. According to his publicist he's a former 6 time Tour de France champ and according to Melania he's routinely King of the Mountin. Always one to support the little guy, he was happy to help out, and here it is!

You all know how much I love a good revolution and Peddlers are all about the revolutions!! You'll also know that I only like winners and Peddlers are winners - just like I was last year before those bastards rigged the election. We all know I really won. But enough about me!! (Just kidding, never enough). Anyway, my top science advisors told me that the best way to lose those Covid kilos is to have an appointment with the Peddlers every Wednesday and Sunday. There are around 1400 active Peddlers' members (and they're very very smart, because they all voted for me, except for some guy called Wayne. Watch your back Wayne, just saying). Reaching speeds of up to 140 miles per hour on a regular basis, there's no better way to see the beautiful Matamata district than on a bike, if you don't have a private jet like I do! Anything else is fake news! It's gonna be great! Vote for me in 2025

Weekly Rides

Sunday Bunch Ride

Sunday morning rides start at 9:30am, from the Matamata Primary School flagpole on Broadway.

Checkout the Rides page for further info on ride groups and routes.

Wednesday Bunch Ride

Wednesday evening rides start at 4:00pm, from the Matamata Primary School flagpole on Broadway.

We strongly advise that you have both a front light and a rear light. We will return to town before it gets too dark.

Matamata Peddlers Cycling Club, Matamata, New Zealand