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Catering for Cyclists of All Abilities

Matamata Peddlers Cycling Club is a group of cyclists varying in ages and ability who enjoy cycling in good company for leisure, pleasure and for the challenge.

Formed in 2005 the club is growing rapidly, with over 100 financial members to-date.

If you are just getting into cycling, come along and learn how to cope with riding in groups.

It is important for people contemplating riding with Matamata Peddlers to understand what we are about - which is safety, fun, improving fitness, and comradeship. Click here for some cycling safety tips.

We don't leave anyone stranded and out there on their own.

Join Us

Current annual club subscription is $25 per person or $50 per family.

You are welcome to join our group rides as a visitor for a short time (e.g 3 rides).

If you intend to join our group regularly we encourage you to complete a membership form and pay the annual subscription.

Click here to download the membership application form.

Weekly Rides

Sunday Bunch Ride

Sunday morning rides are currently starting at 9:00am and leaving from Tainui Press on Short Street.

Checkout the Rides page for further info on ride groups, routes and start locations.

Wednesday Bunch Ride

Wednesday evening rides start at the Matamata Primary School flagpole.

Ride currently starting at 4:00pm (during non Daylight Saving time). You must have a rear light as a minimum but we strongly advise that you have both a front light and a rear light. We will return to town before it gets too dark.

Ride start time will change to 6pm on 3rd October 2018.

Thursday Track Session

The regular Peddlers evening track sessions are currently being held every Thursday from 7:30-9:00pm.

If you are interested in joining our track sessions please contact our track co-ordinator Stu Edgecombe.

Matamata Peddlers Cycling Club, Matamata, New Zealand